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Huge Big Dildo Jack - Part 2 - Used and stretched

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Stretching is fun - stretching even more is more fun
All hard action - stretching and dirty talk is desired by me

Here is the second part with the big dildo Jack
plus 4 minutes bonus; Now I can deal with big dildos.
We know that you like me at full length ;-)))))

Sometimes it just has to be a little more tail ... ......
and sometimes you just like to use harder
and loves rough dirty talk nd Kopfkino (Actually always)

Here you can see how this part stretches me and penetrates to the cervix.
More is not possible - no one ;-)
Please pay attention to my abdominal wall bonus material - now I can

Reviews and comments welcome.

An open word that many think.
Hundreds watch a video and few write or rate something.
So it's not fun and it ends sometime
because the people go out of their way and invest time
do not mind - we are less and less ... .......

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part 2

View  "part 2"  now!

she is ready for the dick

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starting the weekend horny

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caught a voyeur

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i watched my last porno when i was getting horny and caught a guy who tired to get a clip from me, have a look what happened next

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Made horny cunt - cock deep in mouth

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He makes the pussy of slave girl licking and fingering as fucking wet properly. She must always beating his cock and take again deep in her blowjob mouth. She's already a kinky fuck slave and takes everything out to the satisfaction of her master.

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The ass needs to be fucked

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Today, the slave must again be fucked in the tight ass. It is still not as willing ass as it should be. So I'm doing what they do not like and always the tail again quite out of the tight ass fuck hole and then back in, the whole thing until orgasm. As they already have can be like anal fuck, I inject her a big load of cum into her open mouth as she can masturbate.

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Gardenparty - you should have seen that :)

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what a awesome party, hot musik, nasty girls and horny guys, i couldn't let him go fully filled up, so i jerked him off in front of some viewers

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8 fingers in the fuck hole

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The slave is already a nasty fuck and fisting slut. I do it with your fist and then I finger her with 8 fingers, pretty cool what all fits into the cunt hole. It does so from total and is always wet and horny, sharp break with absolutely hot video of horny close-ups fucking cunt.

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Anal dilating close-up

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I let the slave sitting on a bar stool and I occupy myself with her anal fuck hole. It is still not so fucking usable how I want it. So it is dilated with various toys and dildos, is not important that it goes in depth but it is getting thicker I can sink into her ass. Let yourself be surprised what will follow further. Horny close-ups of her anal fuck hole in use.

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Great Huge Dildo Jack - Stage 1

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Sometimes it just has to be a little more dick
and since I'm always on the stretching of my female between my legs
Jack is as I lovingly baptized - welcome.

Here you see, get to know the Stranger and the foreplay

Jack was my first big dildo followed by the nasty Raptor and the gigantic Brown Sugar.

I love hard role-playing games and there may be a little harder in words and deeds.
All games and actions are expressly desired by me.
Nothing is more beautiful than a perfect head cinema in a world where strangers simply take you.

The movie is the first in HD720 for more pleasure and more details.
Unfortunately, due to the 500MB restriction, the movie is in parts of maximum size.
Of course, this is all purely private - not commercial - pleasure from a private couple.
We have worked hard and hope you enjoy it.

Have fun.

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